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The Quakers in Ireland site shared this thought graphic from the Church of England Bishop of Oxford, on their facebook page today.

In addition to this, the IYM newsletter for this week is available to download here

UPDATE - also included the 12/07/19 newsletter here

Tools For Solidarity Newsletter

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The Tools For Solidarity June 2019 Newsletter is now available for download. Tools For Solidarity has been one of the South Belfast Meeting's regularly supported charities, with their work falling well within the Quaker Testimonies.

Download Edition 20 of the newsletter HERE

IYM Update

Quaker Cottage Belfast Flyer

Our IYM Recording Clerk would like to draw our attention to both the flier above and to the fact that the latest edition of the IYM newsletter is available for download here - IYM Newsletter 28-06-2019

IYM Newsletter

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Download the latest newsletter below:

IYM Newsletter 21/06/2019

Downloadable Quaker Newsletters

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Dear friends, lieve vrienden, chers amis, liebe Freunde, queridos amigos, cari amici,
Attached as a 16-page PDF is the July – August 2019 issue of the Belgium and Luxembourg Yearly Meeting (BLYM) newsletter, being distributed blind-copy to approximately 70 Quakers on the BLYM clerk’s list and to over 200 other Quaker addresses worldwide.
Summary of contents:
·      Listen! A poem from Irish Quakers
·      BLYM Residential Yearly Meeting 15-17 November 2019
·      The BLYM clerk’s report for the recently published FWCC-EMES 2018 annual report
·      Quaker Ways 1. Recollections from BLYM newsletters of the past.
·      The epistle of the FWCC-EMES 2019 Annual Meeting in Budapest.
·      Présentation aux membres de BLYM à la Maison Quaker Bruxelles par Delson Malumbe, jeune Quaker de la République Démocratique du Congo.
·      Quaker Congo Partnership, a U.K. charity
·      Quaker Meetings and Events
·      Five Quaker resources:  Deepening the spiritual: exploring the role of the elder; Clerking; What Charity Chairs can learn from the Quaker Business Method; When Quaker Process Fails; and The Power of Loving Your Enemy
·      Quaker Cuisine 1 – Mixed Bean Salad
·      Information on BLYM Meetings for Worship in Brussels, Ghent, and Luxembourg
·      Reflection: the benefits of silent, active listening
·      From our archives: a brief history of BLYM (Part One)
Also attached for those who might not already be receiving them are three just-published pdf documents: (a) the Doncaster Conversation Club Newsletter which reports monthly on their work with refugees at the Quaker Meeting House in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, (b) Around Europe from the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) reporting on actions to promote Quaker values at the European level, and (c) QAADRANT from Quaker Action on Alcohol & Drugs.
At our BLYM Meeting for Business on Sunday, 9 June, it was suggested that the Newsletter consider conducting and publishing interviews of members, and I am planning to do that. I have had contact with the past editor of the Friend, Ian Kirk-Smith and the current editor, Joe Jones, and they both have included an interview from time to time in the weekly editions of the Friend that provide a good model of how interviews can add to a periodical.
I would also like to say with gratitude that the number of BLYM Members who have contributed articles, announcements, book reviews, and poems to the newsletter in the two and a half years that I have been serving as editor has been heartwarming and I hope that they and others will feel moved to contribute more material for future issues.
Please let me know if you no longer wish to receive the Newsletter.
If you know others who might be interested in receiving it, please invite them to contact me.
• In Friendship • Met hartelijke groeten • Bien amicalement
• Mit freundlichen Grüßen • En amistad • In amicizia • Na amizade
Daniel Clarke Flynn, BLYM Newsletter Editor
Mobile: +32 (0) 474 710 173   Skype: daniel.flynn39
Verviers and Brussels, Belgium






Eco Congregation & IYM Newsletters

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Both the Eco Congregation Ireland Newsletter and the Ireland Yearly Meeting Newsletter are available for download in the two links below:

Eco Congregation Newsletter - May 2019

IYM Newsletter - Week Ending 7th of June