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Christmas Family Sunday 2020 Video

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Each year we hold 2 all age Meetings for Worship, generally one in Easter and one around Christmas. These are different from our usual Sunday worship in that they are semi-programmed and the young people of the meeting take the lead in ministry. This year we held our Christmas Family Sunday on the 20th of December. The theme for this year was the Nativity Story. As numbers in the meeting house had to be limited due to social distancing requirements, we made the decision to film the full meeting so that family and friends could also take part remotely. The family and children decided it should be shared on the general website also.

You will find the video which has been edited to 18 minutes on our
YouTube channel and also on the video page of this site.

December's Monthly Readings


Be faithful in maintaining our witness against all war as inconsistent with the teaching and spirit of Christ. Endeavour, through His power and grace, to overcome in your own hearts the emotions which lie at the root of violent conflict. These may arise from too close an attachment to possessions, from untempered pride and from reluctance to be open to change. In industrial strife, racial enmity, religious, political and international tension, stand firmly by Christian principles, seeking to foster understanding between individuals, groups and nations. Remain responsive to the Holy Spirit and let the peace of God rule in your heart.

Ireland Yearly Meeting
General Christian Counsel

We are called to live ‘in the virtue of that life and power that takes away the occasion of all wars’. Do you faithfully maintain our testimony that war and the preparation for war are inconsistent with the spirit of Christ? Search out whatever in your own way of life may contain the seeds of war. Stand firm in our testimony, even when others commit or prepare to commit acts of violence, yet always remember that they too are children of God.

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November's Monthly Readings


Is your way of life in keeping with the teaching of Jesus? Do you watch against conformity to commonly-accepted standards, and against the love of ease and self-indulgence which hinders your spiritual growth and service for Christ?

Ireland Yearly Meeting
Queries for Serious Consideration 4

If pressure is brought upon you to lower your standard of integrity, are you prepared to resist it? Our responsibilities to God and our neighbour may involve us in taking unpopular stands. Do not let the desire to be sociable or fear of seeming peculiar, determine your decisions.

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BBC Radio Show on George Fox and the Quakers

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Released On: 05 Apr 2012 Available for over a year
Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the origins of Quakerism. In the mid-seventeenth century an itinerant preacher, George Fox, became the central figure of a group known as the Religious Society of Friends, whose members believed it was possible to obtain contact with Christ without priestly intercession. The Quakers, as they became known, rejected the established Church and what they saw as the artificial pomp and artifice of its worship. They argued for religious toleration and for the equality of men and women. Persecuted for many years, particularly after the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, the Quakers survived to become an influential religious group, known for their pacifism and philanthropy. With:Justin ChampionProfessor of the History of Early Modern Ideas at Royal Holloway, University of LondonJohn CoffeyProfessor of Early Modern History at the University of LeicesterKate PetersFellow in History at Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge.Producer: Thomas Morris

Musings From A Quaker Bonnet

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The first that enters into the place of your meeting turn in thy mind to the light and wait upon God singly, as if none were present but the Lord; and here thou art strong. Then the next that comes, let them in simplicity of heart sit down and turn into the same light, and wait in the Spirit; and so all the rest coming in, in the fear of the Lord, sit down in pure stillness and silence of all flesh, and wait in the light. Those, who are brought to a pure, still waiting upon God in the Spirit, are come nearer to the Lord than words are: for God is a Spirit, and in the spirit is He worshipped. In such a meeting there will be an unwillingness to part asunder, being ready to say in yourself, it is good to be here: and this is the end of all words and writings to bring people to the eternal, living Word.

From epistle written in 1660 by Alexander Parker

Lunchtime Meeting for Worship

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Lunchtime Monthly Meeting for Worship followed by a short social period. The 1st Thursday of every month at 12 Noon

Takes place via Zoom
Meeting ID: 461 319 5026
Password: 143412

October's Monthly Readings


Cherish the privilege of communion with God through prayer and worship, being mindful to express praise and thanksgiving.

Ireland Yearly Meeting
General Christian Counsel

The Religious Society of Friends is rooted in Christianity and has always found inspiration in the life and teachings of Jesus. How do you interpret your faith in the light of this heritage? How does Jesus speak to you today? Are you following Jesus’ example of love in action? Are you learning from his life the reality and cost of obedience to God? How does his relationship with God challenge and inspire you?

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