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IYM Job Opportunity

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Applications should be submitted to no later than Friday 21st May 2021.
See for more information.

Blended Meeting for Worship


We have now reopened the meeting house each Sunday at 10:45am for Meeting for Worship. This will take a "blended" format enabling you to still attend via the zoom platform online if that is your chosen method or if you are unable to be there physically. The zoom log in details remain the same (Meeting ID: 4613195026 and Pass: 143412). Those attending Meeting for Worship in the meeting house itself will be able to see and hear the online zoom portion of attenders via a screen in the main meeting room.

We are continuing to iron out remaining issues with this blended format and hope you can bear with us whilst we do so. If you have any questions regarding attending Meeting for Worship in either format, please contact us via