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Quakers & Ethical Investments


The Ireland Yearly Meeting Investment Committee and Eco Quakers have produced a useful guide to encourage Quaker Meetings to invest within an ethical framework.

The 'Quakers and Ethical Investment' booklet grew out of a concern among Friends in Ireland about the investment of funds under Friends’ care and is designed to give broad guidance on investment.

Check it out here >>

You can download the full booklet

NI Marriage Equality

2015 - march for marriage equality 1

In light of today's significant step by Westminister towards marriage in Northern Ireland, we are adding photos taken back in June 2015 when members and attenders from both Belfast Quaker Meetings joined to march for Marriage Equality here in Northern Ireland. Of course as with all Quaker events it started with a bring and share lunch at Frederick Street Meeting and several cups of tea!

See the small number of photos at our photos page