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November/December 2019 edition of the Eco-Congregation Ireland newsletter!  Please find the newsletter attached. Thank you to all who sent articles and photos for this edition. Please re-share this email and circulate the newsletter to anyone you feel may be interested!  SPREAD THE WORD!

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Love & Despair: Action & Responses to Climate Breakdown

“Love and Despair: Actions and Responses to Climate Breakdown.” One Day Gathering in Belfast on Saturday 19th October.
Some reflections by Kate Fletcher, South Belfast Meeting
What a fantastic title, and what an amazing Gathering to be part of. As a member of South Belfast Meeting I felt we were privileged to host such an event, but much more, we are reminded of the necessity that we rise and act as individuals and as a community to face the challenges put before us by our speakers and fellow participants.
There is an excellent summary from Fran Brady, and transcripts of talks made by the inspiring and engaging speakers, Lindsey Fielder-Cook, John Barry and Lynn Finnegan. So this does not repeat what is already there, but is a personal reflection………. (to read the full article click


An Evening Of Wintersong

By all accounts, last year's Wintersong event was completely brilliant and not to be missed, so make sure you get to this year's one. Tickets are a suggested donation of £5-£10 at the door, and money raised goes to support both Local and International Refugee charities.

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December's Monthly Readings


Watch lovingly over the opening minds and spiritual growth of your children, appreciating their desire for knowledge and maintaining a caring interest in their activities and use of leisure time.  See that they have opportunity to learn about our Christian faith, and its Biblical basis. Encourage in them a love of God as expressed in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Seek by your example to instill in them truthfulness, sincerity and self-discipline. Remember that each person is unique and that God’s Spirit may lead along paths you have not yourself travelled.

Ireland Yearly Meeting
General Christian Counsel

Rejoice in the presence of children and young people in your meeting and recognise the gifts they bring. Remember that the meeting as a whole shares a responsibility for every child in its care. Seek for them as for yourself a full development of God’s gifts and the abundant life Jesus tells us can be ours. How do you share your deepest beliefs with them, while leaving them free to develop as the spirit of God may lead them? Do you invite them to share their insights with you? Are you ready both to learn from them and to accept your responsibilities towards them?

BYM - Advices and Queries No. 19