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New Zoom Meeting for Worship Details

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As of this Sunday onwards both the Weekly Sunday Meetings for Worship and the fortnightly Thursday Friendship Lunch Meetings for Worship will use the same Zoom log-in details as follows:

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Meeting ID: 461 319 5026
Password: 143412

Sunday Meetings for Worship take place at 10am until 10:45am, with the virtual doors opening at 9:45am

All are welcome

The Being Grateful Quaker Video Project

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kerry had an idea to ask South Belfast Quakers what they were grateful for. This is what they told us.

What had been planned as a single video turned into an ongoing project with multiple videos due to the number of submissions from members and attenders of the meeting. This is part 1 in the series. Others will follow.

Musings From A Quaker Bonnet

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Testimonies are not imposed on members of the Society of Friends but they are re-affirmed corporately and re-expressed sufficiently often to be both a challenge and a way of living for most Friends. They are part of our distinctive witness. They do not make it any easier to live a life of faithfulness to God’s leadings, for they give rise to many dilemmas and compromises as we live in a society which is often based on other presuppositions. We cannot help being immersed in it even whilst trying to change its norms. Finding ways of expressing the testimonies that are relevant to present times is a continuing challenge. Such expressions will not necessarily seem practical, tactful, sensible, expedient or in line with some current vogue of thinking, for they are based on what seems right in an absolute sense of inner conviction.

Chris Lawson 1987 QF&P 20.17

Quakers, the Lake District and Wordsworth

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Why not listen to a recent radio broadcast including Quakers, the lake district and Wordsworth.

2020 marks 250 years since the birth of William Wordsworth, one of England's most celebrated poets. Wordsworth and his friend and colleague Samuel Taylor Coleridge were pioneers of English Romanticism and they produced works including The Excursion, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and The Prelude.

Religion and nature were great sources of inspiration and debate for both men. Wordsworth's childhood home, The English Lake District, was alive with different and often 'dissenting' ideas about Christianity but what influence did these ideas have on his work? Did Wordsworth and Coleridge share a common idea of the nature of God and what resonance does their work have today?

Joining Dr Katie Edwards to discuss the influence of faith on the life of Wordsworth, is Rev Marie-Elsa Bragg, priest and writer; Seamus Perry, Professor of English Literature at The University of Oxford and Heidi Snow, Professor of English Literature and holder of the Edith and Lewis White Distinguished Professorship at Principia College, Illinois, USA.

May's Monthly Readings


Exercise care in the use of all drugs and be alert to the problems of their misuse. As with alcohol, many other drugs, including tobacco, have harmful effects on the individual and may lead to addiction. The abundant life does not come from artificial stimulation but from personal growth in physical, mental and spiritual awareness. Avoid all kinds of gambling and such activities as are cruel or demoralising.

Ireland Yearly Meeting
General Christian Counsel

Consider which of the ways to happiness offered by society are truly fulfilling and which are potentially corrupting and destructive. Be discriminating when choosing means of entertainment and information. Resist the desire to acquire possessions or income through unethical investment, speculation or games of chance.

In view of the harm done by the use of alcohol, tobacco and other habit forming drugs, consider whether you should limit your use of them or refrain from using them altogether. Remember that any use of alcohol or drugs may impair judgment and put both the user and others in danger.

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