That of God in everyone

Response to the Pandemic

South Belfast Meeting has considered the current pandemic and made a decision to cease all Sunday Morning Meetings for Worship with immediate affect. This has not been an easy decision, but one which keeps us all as safe a possible in the current situation.

It is important that we continue to support and uphold each other as a worshipping community during this time.

We will keep you all posted when this changes either through this site, our facebook page or the email group.

We have also decided to cancel the remaining mid-week Meetings for Worship on the first Thursdays of each month. Hopefully we will be able to restart these again in September.


If you are self-isolating or social-distancing, why not join an online 30 minute Meeting for Worship through Woodbrooke:
* Sundays at 10:30 (1 hour long)
* Sundays at 19:30
* Wednesdays at 09:30
* Thursdays at 11:00 (1 hour long)
* Thursdays at 19:30
* Fridays at 13:00
They offer 30-minute worship on Wednesdays and Fridays via Adobe Connect, and use Zoom for their other meetings throughout the week.