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Amazon Petition To Sign


Hi Friends
Can you please consider signing this urgent campaign. Apologies if you have already signed.

The Amazon rainforest is on fire.

If the fires continue to rage, it’s not just the rainforest that’s at stake - it’s our very survival. Because if the Amazon dies, our chances of avoiding total climate breakdown will be seriously under threat.

I’ve just signed this petition calling on the UK government to suspend its trade deal with Brazil until the fires are out. Can you add your name too? This is an emergency.

Follow this link to sign the petition >>

It’s hard to convey just how important the Amazon rainforest is, but I’ll give it a shot. The Amazon provides 20% of the earth’s oxygen, it’s home to more species than any other habitat on this planet, and it’s absolutely crucial in the fight against climate change because its trees soak up so much of the CO2 we emit.

The fires that are raging there right now aren’t natural - they’re part of the Brazilian president Bolsonaro’s war on the Amazon. Since coming into office, he’s encouraged farmers and illegal loggers to loot the rainforest. These fires were set by his supporters to show their support for him.

The Brazilian president isn’t the type of politician to pay attention to international outrage. But he does care about his economy. And that’s where we in the UK can have a real impact. We can do our bit to stop the Amazon fires that threaten the rainforest, the people who call it home - and the climate upon which we all depend.

A UK trade mission is in Brazil right now for talks. Let’s call on them to suspend any trade talks with Brazil until the Amazon rainforest is protected.

Follow this link to sign the petition

Thank you for your support in this emergency.