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Musings From A Quaker Bonnet

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“Almost everything about the resurrection of Jesus is beyond me. I don’t understand it. Like the women at the end of Mark’s gospel, I am amazed and more than a little afraid. But the bit of the resurrection that I do understand is the removal of the stone. The women come as darkness gives way to daylight to discover that the stone has been moved for them. What Christianity teaches us is that in spite of ourselves, our fears, our failures, our insufficiencies, our woundedness, the stone has been moved for us. What stone remains for you? Will you allow God to move it? You probably can’t move it yourself. The crucial question is like the one John’s Jesus put to the paralytic “Do you want it to be moved?”

Here we are, the recipients of a message from a heavenly messenger. He tells us not to be afraid. He tells us that the risen Jesus goes before us - is not in our known past, but in the uncertainty and insecurity of our unknown future. There we will see him as he promised. And so we, too, leave the Garden or Resurrection. To do what?”

“The Spiritual Landscape of Mark” by Bonnie Thurston