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M&O May Update

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A regular blog about a Committee meeting is not perhaps the most enticing prospect! But we are really keen to involve everyone in the development of our Meeting's life. So please have a read, and talk to us about any points that strike you.

As well as sorting ourselves out as a new Committee - the rest of us are particularly delighted that Jonathan has agreed to to be our M&O Clerk - and getting our working arrangements in order, our current focus is how we help the Meeting get back to a more normal way, using the Meeting House and establishing our regular activities. So we are working up a short survey, to gain everyone's views. We should be getting it to you in the coming weeks, so please when you get it, take a moment and send us your thoughts. Otherwise we will keep on gently nagging you to reply! And if there are issues that are not covered, do use the survey to tell us. Or if you prefer, chat to any of us. We really want to hear.

A related issue that we are starting to mull over is when and how can we meet socially, in a totally safe way. We all hope for a glorious summer (!) and maybe that will give us a safe way to meet, outside, with lots of fresh air.

The Ministry and Oversight team - Felicity, Jonathan, Kerry, Marie, Michael, Sylvia and Will

May's Monthly Readings


In vocal ministry, the sharing of spiritual experience and insights can be a way through which fresh understanding is conveyed to others. Receive the ministry in a loving spirit, avoiding hurtful criticism.

IYM General Christian Counsel

When you are preoccupied and distracted in meeting let wayward and disturbing thoughts give way quietly to your awareness of God’s presence among us and in the world. Receive the vocal ministry of others in a tender and creative spirit. Reach for the meaning deep within it, recognising that even if it is not God’s word for you, it may be so for others. Remember that we all share responsibility for the meeting for worship whether our ministry is in silence or through the spoken word.

BYM Advices & Queries

IYM Job Opportunity

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Applications should be submitted to no later than Friday 21st May 2021.
See for more information.

Blended Meeting for Worship


We have now reopened the meeting house each Sunday at 10:45am for Meeting for Worship. This will take a "blended" format enabling you to still attend via the zoom platform online if that is your chosen method or if you are unable to be there physically. The zoom log in details remain the same (Meeting ID: 4613195026 and Pass: 143412). Those attending Meeting for Worship in the meeting house itself will be able to see and hear the online zoom portion of attenders via a screen in the main meeting room.

We are continuing to iron out remaining issues with this blended format and hope you can bear with us whilst we do so. If you have any questions regarding attending Meeting for Worship in either format, please contact us via

Quaker Speak Video

I found this very up-lifting. I hope you will also

Obituary For David/Fred Bass

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An obituary for David/Fred Bass the former longtime chair of Quaker Service was published in the Irish News to download the article for easier reading if you can not see it clearly above,
click here.

Eco Quakers @ The Imagine Festival

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South Belfast Eco Quakers are hosting:
Let’s Imagine a ‘New Normal’! on Tuesday 23rd March at 7pm.
An opportunity to explore and share aspirations for an alternative to ‘getting back to normal’ post-pandemic. What should a ‘new normal’ look like?
It will be in the form of conversation and exploration. There will be some short input from inspirational speakers- but the focus is on meeting and sharing visions of a better future.
Please sign up via the website as soon as possible, so we know it will be viable-
and please share with friends and colleagues who you think will be interested.

Change to Time of Lunchtime MfW

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Friends should be aware that the timing for our monthly, online lunchtime Meeting for Worship and social gathering has changed from the 1st Thursday of the month to the new time of the 2nd Thursday of each month. That means that the February event will take on the 11th of February and again on the 11th of March, with the April event taking place on the 8th. It retains its 12noon start time. Log in details are as above.